City Council

 Business Meetings
  • 7 pm start
  • First and third Monday
  • Anyone interested attending is urged to participate via electronic means. Information on how to connect is included in the Meeting Agenda.
                                             Council Meeeting Agendas
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If the meeting falls on a holiday, the meeting is moved to the next business day. Council Committee meetings are on the fourth Monday every month.


Dallas is a Council-Manager form of government. The nine-member City Council appoints a City Manager to be the administrative head of the City and its departments. The City Council holds business meetings twice per month. In addition, the City Council holds workshops, committee meetings and other special assignments as directed by the Mayor and City ordinances.

The City Council also serves as the Agency of the City's one Urban Renewal District. More information about urban renewal can be found by clicking here.

The Mayor and City Council members serve without pay and are reimbursed for only part of their actual expenses while representing the City in attendance at in-town and out-of-town functions.


• Brian Dalton
    Term ends 12/31/2020

City Council Members

Jennie Rummell - Council President
  Term ends 12/31/2020

Larry Briggs
  Term ends 12/31/2022

Terry Crawford
  Term ends 12/31/2020

Bill Hahn
  Term ends 12/31/2022

Kelly Gabliks
  Term ends 12/31/2020
Jackie Lawson
  Term ends 12/31/2022

Michael Schilling
  Term ends 12/31/2022

Paul Trahan
  Term ends 12/31/2020

Ken Woods Jr.
  Term ends 12/31/2020