Parks Advisory Board


Members of this board are recommended by the Mayor and appointed by the City Council. There are seven members in total. The board meets quarterly on the third Tuesday of the month (March, June, September, and December), or as needed. 

Duties and Responsibilities

In general, the board makes recommendations to the City Council regarding Parks and Recreation matters. A complete list of the Parks Advisory Board duties are provided in the Municipal Code, which can be accessed by clicking on the following link: Parks Advisory Board Duties.

The Board also has duties specific to trees, both trees in city parks and street trees. A complete list of these duties can be accessed by clicking on the following link: Duties Specific to Park & Street Trees

Agendas and Minutes

The agendas are generally available a week prior to the next meeting. The minutes will be made available within two weeks after a meeting. All public meetings are audio recorded. To access the agendas and minutes of the Parks Advisory Board, please use the following links:

Most Recent Agenda I View All
Most Recent Minutes I View All

Parks Master Plan

The Parks Master Plan was approved by the Parks Advisory Board and adopted by the City Council in 2015. This plan helps guide the city as it grows to ensure there is sufficient parkland for our citizens. To access the Parks Master Plan, click on the following link: Parks Master Plan.

Parks Advisory Board Members (Term Expires December 31st)

Chair Andy Groh (2022)
Neil Bell (2022)
Jessica Blakely (2021)
Robin Hildebrand (2023)
Richard Moore (2022)
Sue Rohde (2022)
Kelly Tarr (2023)