Planning Commission


  • 7 p.m.
  • Second Tuesday of the month
  • City Hall
    187 S.E. Court St.
    Dallas, OR 97338
Note: All meetings are open to the public and you are invited to attend.


The City of Dallas Planning Commission is composed of seven residents of Dallas appointed by the City Council to four-year terms.
  • Chuck Lerwick, President
  • Chris Castelli
  • Andy Groh
  • Marc Pazina
  • Carol Kowash
  • David Shein
  • Bob Wilson


The Planning Commission is the primary land-use decision making body for the City. The Commission's responsibilities include:
  • Acts as the Committee for Citizen Involvement
  • Making decisions on land-use applications for things like subdivisions and conditional use permits
  • Making recommendations to the City Council on zone changes and Comprehensive Plan amendments proposed by applicants
  • Reviewing and making recommendations to the City Council on updates to the zoning ordinance and Comprehensive Plan
Public Hearing Guidelines are followed during the Planning Commission meetings, if you have questions please contact the Planning Department on the second floor of City Hall at 503.831.3571 for more information.

Bob Wilson Serves 43 Years on the Dallas Planning Commission

Most people shy away from volunteer commitments that involve long night meetings, listening to angry neighbors, and reading technical staff reports that can cure even the worst cases of insomnia. Volunteers that serve on the Planning Commission may not make it to the end of their terms, let alone serve multiple terms.  These are a few reasons why Bob Wilson’s 43 years of service on the Dallas Planning Commission is so extraordinary. Bob has been a valuable asset and the institutional memory of the Commission for more than four decades.

Bob was sworn in to serve on the Planning Commission on August 5, 1974. At that time, Senate Bill 100, which adopted the statewide land use system, was still in its infancy and the City of Dallas was embarking on the development of its first Comprehensive Plan. Since then Bob has been an integral part of the development of three Comprehensive Plans in Dallas, in addition to a fourth update now underway.   Through his tenure on the Planning Commission, Bob also witnessed the City’s population more than double and he served as a leader on the City’s early efforts to organize a Downtown Association. He has attended over five hundred Planning Commission meetings and served under four different City Managers.

During a special recognition of Bob’s dedicated service to the City of Dallas on August 8, 2017, fellow Planning Commissioners noted the following admirable traits about Bob:

  • Planning Commission Chair Chuck Lerwick, “Thank you, Bob, for being on the Planning Commission all these 40+ years.  I have enjoyed the years that we have been on the Commission together.  You have always been a rock standing up for the decisions we as a Commission have made and always taking time to hear our citizens’ point of view as well.   We have had some wild times during the building boom and some slow times too but I cannot think of a better person to share them with than you Bob.”
  • Commissioner Carol Kowash noted, “Bob was very helpful with my training as a Commissioner, and showed a very level decision-making process. He is quite thoughtful about how decisions affect members of the community.”

Thank you Bob for your tireless service in making the City of Dallas a better place!

 Bob Wilson