Adopted Economic Development Strategy


The purpose of this document is to consolidate economic development strategies into one document in order to identify specific tasks and activities to advance business and industrial development in the City of Dallas.  The strategies outlined in this plan represent a compilation of the efforts of the Dallas City Council, the Economic Development Commission, the Dallas Area Chamber of Commerce and the Urban Renewal Agency.
The City of Dallas recognizes that the needs of businesses are different based on location, type of business, number of employees, service area, and customer base.  The following strategies address and focus on the areas of greatest need for positive economic growth and development over the next 2-3 years and is based on the common goals shared by the community to build upon the existing assets within the City of Dallas, to mitigate challenges in our commercial and industrial business sectors, and to take full advantage of opportunities as they arise.  It will be implemented by the City, the Dallas Area Chamber of Commerce, the Dallas Visitor Center and other stakeholders.  There are also projects to be completed which are tied to this plan and are funded by the Economic Development Trust.

Proposed Strategies

One of the primary documents used in the development of these strategies is the Dallas 2030 Plan and accompanying Vision Strategies.

1) Continue to participate in the Rural Tourism Studio process to ensure that Dallas is represented, recognizing that tourism can be an
     important economic driver. Dallas Visitor Center
2) Develop and facilitate partnerships with educational and other training institutions to assist employers with workforce development.
      Chamber of Commerce
3) Promote and attract craft brewing/pub and wine industry businesses. City and Chamber
4) Ensure that the City’s online presence is maintained and enhanced for economic development purposes. City
5) Ensure an adequate supply of Industrial and Commercial lands, work with property owners to help ensure these lands and buildings
     are “available”. City
6) Continue to Revitalize and Invest in Downtown. City and Urban Renewal Agency
7) Provide a “Clear Path” to Successful Business Start-ups and Existing Business expansions. City and Chamber
8) Implement the Dallas Branding and Marketing Plan. City, Chamber, and Visitor Center
9) Ensure that the City’s infrastructure is in good condition and has adequate capacity to support economic growth and expansion. City

Proposed Projects/Expenditures

Develop a full Community Profile and Marketing Packet, for both paper and electronic format, and Implement the “Take a Closer Look at Dallas” campaign as outlined in the Barney and Worth Final Report. 

Estimated Cost: $12,000. The development of this packet would provide prospective businesses and employers a comprehensive and immediate gateway to the community. Could be used ASAP for recruitment. 

Adopted 10/19/15