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Group Lessons                                                                                                  

The Dallas Aquatic Center offers swimming lessons for swimmers of all ages and abilities. Our goal is to allow swimmers of all ages to explore the water in a safe, comfortable setting while learning new swimming skills and becoming confident in the water. All lessons offered include a certified lifeguard on deck at all times.

There are two different age groups, then those two age groups are broken down into different levels. Here is a brief explanation of each age group and level.

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Session Length

Type Length
Standard Lessons 30 minutes 2x a week for 9 lessons
Saturday Lessons 30 minutes 1x a week for 9 lessons
Parent-Tot 30 minutes 1x a week for 4 lessons

Prices for Group Lessons

Member Status Standard/Sat. Lessons Parent-Tot
DAC Member $54 $27
Non-Member $60 $30

Preschool Classes

Ages: 3 - 5 years old

Regular Level Classes

Ages: 6 years old and older
Preschool 1:

Minimum 3/ Maximum 4 swimmers in each class

Introduction to swimming for beginners. Independence from the parents is reinforced. Basic water safety skills are stressed.

Preschool 2:

Minimum 3/ Maximum 4 swimmers in each class

Students become more confident in the water. Back/ Front floats are accomplished independently to ensure safety when in the water.

Preschool 3:

Minimum 3/ Maximum 5 swimmer sin each class

Utilizing arm and leg motions, students will begin applying distance to their swimming.
Level 1:

Minimum 3/ Maximum 6 swimmers in each class

Water exploration for beginners. Swimmers learn floats, glides, bobs and getting comfortable in the water.

Level 2:

Minimum 3/ Maximum 6 swimmers in each class

Swimmers begin developing stroke mechanics and apply distance to their swimming. Front crawl and side breathing skills are emerging.

Level 3:

Minimum 3/ Maximum 6 swimmers in each class

Students learn to breathe on both sides during the front crawl and enhance their mechanics in backstroke. Diving and dolphin kicks are introduced.

Level 4:

Minimum 3/Maximum 8 swimmers in a class

Students enhance their swimming endurance as well as learn butterfly, breaststroke, and other diving techniques.

Level 5:

Minimum 3/ Maximum 8 swimmers in a class

Swimmers swim 100 yards of front crawl and backstroke as well as apply their other strokes in a 100 I.M.

Private & Semi-Private Swimming Lessons

Private lessons are offered to swimmers who need individual work with their strokes and water skills. We challenge each swimmer with skills based on their personal goals and what is needed to attain those goals. 

For rates and details, please click here.

Water Aerobics

Want an alternative to a regular workout? Looking for a new and refreshing way to get in shape? Tired of sore muscles and aching joints? Water exercise may be the answer!

Water Aerobics classes are intended for adults age 18 and older. 

For a schedule, cost, and details on the various aerobics classes, please click here.

Lifeguard Classes

Our next Lifeguard Course date is TBD.
For more information please see our flyer here.

To participate in the American Red Cross Lifeguard course you much first pass the prerequisites. 
An individual may come in to practice these skills anytime we are open and may use the lap lane. 

If an individual thinks they can pass the prerequisites they need to have either Gretchen, Kiley, or Matt supervise and observe them do the skills. If they pass the skills, the individual will be able to register for the course and will be sent a link for the online video portion.
*Prerequisite skills must be completed and passed on or before March 18th.

There is no registration for prerequisites for this time. Please call ahead to schedule a time to come in and complete all prerequisites.

Prerequisite Skills

300 yard swim:
100 yard front crawl (freestyle), 100 yard breaststroke, 100 yard combination of freestyle and breaststroke. Our pool is 25 yards in length and an entire lap is 50 yards. Altogether this is a total of 6 laps.

Timed brick retrieval:
Swim 15 yards, starting at the shallow end. Then pick up a 10 pound brick from the bottom of the pool and bring it to the surface. Then, on your back, bring the brick to the shallow end while keeping both hands are on the brick; the brick is out of the water and your face is out of the water. This task must be done within 1 minute and 40 seconds.

Treading without hands for 2 minutes.

Class Schedule

Junior Lifeguards

Are you a responsible swimmer between the ages of 11 and 16? Consider becoming a Junior Lifeguard! Junior Guards volunteer at the Aquatic Center and learn basic skills and professional attitudes to help them become a lifeguard. There are minimum hour requirements, and mandatory attendance at a monthly training.

For details, please click here