Water Rates

As a result of the Water and Wastewater Study, May 2013, the City Council has adopted a new rate structure in order to ensure that the rates are fair, while promoting conservation and minimizing future rate increases. 

Water Rates (February 1, 2019 - January 31, 2020):
Monthly Base Rate is for 0-3 Units of Water: $19.41 (inside city limits)
Each additional Unit is $2.09 per Unit (residential rate/inside city limits)
Call our office for more information on commercial rates and outside water rates.

Each Unit = 100 cubic feet of water or approximately 750 gallons

The City of Dallas contracted with Donovan Enterprises to do an extensive water and sewer rate study in early 2013.

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Billing or Payments

Please click here for a downloadable Residential Application for Utility Service, or if you are a business needing utility services click here for a downloadable Business Application for Utility Service. Please print the form, fill it out, and bring it to Finance with DMV-issued identification and $140 for deposit/fees to set up service.

The Finance Department answers questions regarding your water / sewer account billing or payments. Call 503.831.3508 to speak to someone about your account.

Water Leak Credit Requests

Requests for credit for excess water usage caused by a leak may be considered with proof of a valid repair. Water usage due to a leak or other circumstances must be exceptional. A maximum credit of 50% of the excess usage based on an annual average comparison can be granted. Download the Water Leak Credit Application to view more information about this program.

Utility Account Policies & Procedures

Effective July 1, 2014

Customers who need to establish or to reactivate utility service need to complete an application.

In order to establish service at a new address or under a new name, the account holder must complete a new application and pay the applicable service charges and deposits.

To apply for service, each applicant is required to complete and sign an application provided by the city. In addition to a completed application, a DMV issued photo ID must be presented for all account holders. If you would like to have a joint account holder that person must complete the same process. A nonrefundable service charge of $15 and a deposit are required to establish a new account. The service charge of $15 is required on all accounts regardless if the water is on or off or if the account has been previously in the customer's name.

Deposits - A refundable deposit of $125 (no checks) for water and sewer will be collected upon the start of new service for both a homeowner and a renter. For homeowners, the deposit will be applied to the customer's account balance after one year of payments with no late fees or upon close of service. Renter deposits will be applied to their final bill. At the time the account is closed if any deposit remains after it is applied to the final bill the remaining deposit will be refunded to the customer.

The deposit may be waived for homeowners and owners with multiple properties who have established good credit (18-months of on time payments) with the City and property management and real estate companies establishing service.

Late Fee - A utility bill is considered late if not paid by the due date. A late fee of $10 will be applied to an utility account on the eighth (8) business day after the due date if not paid in full. The due date is noted on the bill.

Disconnect Policy - Accounts delinquent after 30 days will be subject to disconnection without further notice. In the event the customer has not paid prior to the disconnect date and is placed on the disconnect list, full payment of the utility bill, including additional service fees, will be required before service can be restored. no checks or online payments accepted on accounts disconnected for non-payment.

Collection Fee - A collection fee of $25 will be added to any account sent to collections.
Click to view Resolution 3272, outlining the schedule of water rates and related water account fees.

Other Questions

City of Dallas Utilities Policy

For all other water / sewer issues, call Public Works at 503.831.3559. You may also view other frequently requested telephone numbers for services in the community.