Employee Recognition

Dallas police officers receive awards for their hard work, and those recognitions will be displayed on this page. Examples of recognition might be when an officer has taken a step forward in their career—a promotion or specialized assignment—or possibly a special training an officer has completed. Stay even more connected with us by following our social media accounts. We can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, handle @dpdoregon.

Calef_Burke Sergeant Calef & Officer Burke (2019)

At the August 19th meeting of the Dallas City Council, Sergeant Joshua Calef and Officer Jane Burke received the Dallas Police Department’s Life Saving Award.

On June 21, 2019, Sergeant Calef and Officer Burke responded to a medical call with CPR in progress by a family member. When they arrived, they recognized the patient was exhibiting signs of an opiate overdose and Officer Burke took over CPR. Sergeant Calef administered his issued does of Naloxone and shortly thereafter, Burke administered her Naloxone and the two continued CPR until medics arrived and assumed care. Their prompt efforts—in conjunction with family member Joan Taylor—made a positive impact in the victim’s ultimate survival.

Based on their actions Sergeant Calef and Officer Burke were nominated to receive our agency’s lifesaving award and Chief Simpson granted both awards. Deputy Chief Jerry Mott presented the awards before our City Council. This was Officer Burke’s first DPD Life Saving Award and Sergeant Calef’s fourth Life Saving Award. Please join us in congratulating them both! 

Detective Houser (2019)

Officer Jordan Houser? Nope, now introducing Detective Jordan Houser! Jordan started as Reserve Officer with our agency where he volunteered his time to learn the craft of being a police officer. About a year and half later, he was hired as a full time police officer in 2014.

As a Dallas police officer, Jordan was recognized with a Life Saving Award in 2017 where restored a young girls airway which allowed her to begin breathing again prior to paramedics arrival. His efforts resulted in her survival. He was also awarded the Community Involvement Award for the year of 2018 because he goes above and beyond to engage and build rapport with his community. He has been described as a self-motivator, keeps himself busy at work but also takes the time to get involved in community events.

When we asked him what he was most looking forward to about serving Dallas as detective and why he decided to make this move in his career, he responded with, “The Investigations Section is designed for cases needing more in depth investigation and follow through, which is a challenge I find interesting. I think this role fits my personality well and I get the chance to interact with our community in a different capacity that bears a lot of responsibility. Our Patrol Section works really hard dealing with the day-to-day grind, and I get to help them by providing extra attention to cases.”

Please join us in congratulating Detective Jordan Houser in this new journey!


Officer Crocker (2019)

We have some big news, Officer Brittney Crocker is officially a certified Drug Recognition Expert (DRE). A DRE is a law enforcement officer who is trained to identify people whose driving is impaired by drugs other than, or in addition to, alcohol. Officer Crocker was asked why she wanted to take this step in her career, and here is what she had to say, “I became certified because every DUII arrest is preventing the potential of an innocent person being injured or killed. We are seeing more and more controlled substance (non-alcohol) related DUIIs and without the training and knowledge that comes with being a certified DRE, a lot of those drivers will not face consequences.”

She continued with, “Every time I encounter a possibly impaired driver, I ask myself, ‘Would I feel comfortable if this person was driving on the same road as my family?’ Grounding myself with that thought makes the extra hours and effort to become a certified DRE very much worth it.”

The training these officers undergo is not simple. The training consists of many phases, totaling over 100 hours, if not more, spent studying and practicing evaluations. The DRE certification process is approximately three weeks long and includes three separate phases – DRE Pre-School, DRE School and Field Certifications. The officer must pass the first two phases with no less than a 80% average on all quizzes and tests to continue on to phase three. On the last day of field certifications, there is a comprehensive final knowledge exam that consists of multiple choice and fill in the blank questions, re-creating a matrix of 109 indicators from memory, essay questions, accurately reading other people’s evaluation face sheets to determine which drug category the subject was impaired by, and report writing. This test lasts up to 9 hours and is a pass/no-pass exam.

Something we must also mention, an officer must be accepted into this program through a detailed application process. Not everyone who applies to DRE School is accepted, and Officer Brittney Crocker finished with the 2nd highest GPA in the class! Please join us in congratulating her on this huge accomplishment!

Deputy Chief Mott (2019)

At the May 6th meeting of the Dallas City Council, Chief Simpson held an investiture—a ceremonial oath of office—to celebrate the promotion of Jerry Mott to deputy chief. Deputy Chief Mott has been a Dallas officer for about 15 years, coming back to us after having served as a reserve police officer. Jerry, a life-long Polk County resident, has served in various capacities during his criminal justice career. Chief Simpson noted that Mott was very effective in managing the daily operations of the department and also commented, “He has been actively involved in a myriad of department operations and has been a very valuable member of my administrative team. I thank him for making me more effective at my job.” As he steps into the role of deputy chief, he will be taking on additional administrative tasks and will help guide Dallas PD into the future as we serve a growing community.

Sergeant Hamilton & Officer Fox (2019)

At the April 1, Dallas City Council meeting, Sergeant Colby Hamilton and Officer Jay Fox received the Dallas Police Department's Life Saving Award. On February 4, 2019, Sergeant Hamilton and Officer Fox responded to a call of a suspicious person in a tree. As Sergeant Hamilton arrived, the person hanged himself. The electrical cord he used broke but cinched tightly around his neck continuing to strangle him. Sergeant Hamilton and Officer Fox struggled to free the man, ultimately having to resort to cutting the cord with a knife to restore his airway and circulation of blood to his brain. Their quick efforts contributed to the person's survival. Please join us in congratulating them!

Sergeant Calef & Officer Shrock (2018)

On March 4, 2018 Officer Jordan Schrock and Sergeant Joshua Calef responded to a medical call at the First Baptist Church in Dallas. On arrival, they assessed the patient, started administering CPR and were preparing their AED for use as Dallas Fire & EMS staff arrived and assumed care.

Dallas Fire & EMS confirmed that their immediate efforts to provide the appropriate emergent care prior to EMS arrival made a positive impact in the victim’s ultimate survival.

Based on their actions and the outcome, Sergeant Joshua Calef and Officer Jordan Schrock were nominated for and were awarded the Dallas Police Department’s Lifesaving Award. Congratulations!

Sergeant Calef & Officer Houser (2018)

At the September 4, Dallas City Council meeting, Sergeant Josh Calef and Officer Jordan Houser received the Dallas Police Department’s Life Saving Award. On March 3, 2018 at about 1 p.m., Sgt. Calef and Officer Houser were dispatched to a CPR call here in town. On arrival, they recognized the patient was exhibiting signs of an opiate overdoes and was not breathing effectively. Sgt. Calef administered Narcan, then both he and Officer Houser maintained the patient’s airway until EMS arrived. The patient’s breathing slowly started to improve while they waited for Dallas Fire & EMS to arrive. In April, the patient sent a letter thanking them for saving her life and detailing her determination since to maintain a clean and sober lifestyle. Congratulations, to you both!
Senior Officer Hamilton (2018)

Guess what! Senior Officer Colby Hamilton has been promoted to Sergeant Colby Hamilton! Colby started with Dallas PD volunteering as a reserve police in 2002. In October, 2006, he was hired as a full-time, regular police officer. Over the years, he advanced to Senior Officer, has been one of our department trainers and--as detective--served as our representative on POINT, the local inter-agency drug task force. As a sergeant, Colby will be one of our field supervisors, in charge of a patrol shift. Please join us in congratulating him on this career advancement and this new leadership role with our agency.



Sergeant Calef & Officer Crocker (2018)

On September 22, 2017, Officer Brittney Crocker responded to an emergency medical call. When she arrived on scene, the victim was exhibiting signs and symptoms of an opiate overdose. Officer Crocker administered her issued dose of Naloxone, a drug used to counter an opiate overdose and started chest compressions. Sergeant Josh Calef arrived and administered a second dose of Naloxone and was attaching an AED as medics arrived and assumed patient care.

Dallas EMS staff later confirmed that the actions of Officer Crocker and Sergeant Calef made a positive impact in the victim's ultimate survival. At the March 19th City Council meeting, both were awarded the Dallas Police Department Life Saving Award!

Please join us in congratulating them for their quick efforts! 

Officer Houser (2017)

Officer Jordan Houser was recognized before the Dallas City Council at their regular meeting on July 7, 2017 when Chief Simpson presented him The Dallas Police Department's Lifesaving Award. In early June, Officer Houser responded to an emergency medical call and was the first emergency services responder to arrive on scene. He determined the victim, who was not breathing, had an obstructed airway and was able to open her airway and position her in the “recovery position” which allowed her to begin breathing again prior to arrival of paramedics. Officer Houser’s efforts to restore an airway resulted in the victim’s survival.

Officer Houser Life Saving Award 
Sergeant Hatchell, Sergeant Fleming, 
& Officer Mollahan (2017)

On Monday evening, before the Dallas City Council, Chief Simpson and Lt Mott presented Medals of Valor to Sergeant Rob Hatchell, Sergeant Mike Fleming and Officer Aaron Mollahan for their actions while dealing with a combative subject they were attempting to arrest in mid December. During the incident, the suspect started shooting at officers, striking Sergeant Hatchell twice. In addition to the Medal of Valor, Sergeant Hatchell was also awarded the department's Purple Heart Medal as the result of the gunshot wounds he suffered. A very unfortunate and ultimately tragic event during which all three of these public servants exhibited great courage and professionalism while protecting our community. 

Officer King (2016)

Officer David King was awarded the department’s lifesaving award at the June 20, 2016 meeting of the Dallas City Council. During the presentation, Chief Simpson described the April incident when King located a resident inside a burning home who had apparently lost full consciousness as she was on the phone with the 911 center reporting the fire. While King was pulling the lady towards an exit and to safety, she regained consciousness and was assisted from the home by the officer. Dallas Fire personnel reported that had King not assisted her prior to their arrival, she may not have survived the incident.
Officer King Lifesaving Award