2017 Annual Awards Banquet

On Saturday, February 24th, the Dallas Police Department held their Annual Awards Banquet for 2017. Several awards were given out to exceptional recipients, including the Stop Stick Award, Outstanding Investigation Award, Program of the Year, Community Involvement Award, and Officer of the Year. Our City Manager, Greg Ellis and his wife Leslee, joined us and assisted Chief Simpson in presenting the awards.

Ofc. King - Officer of Year Award 2017


The Officer of the Year Award recipient should be an outstanding example of an officer. They should be well rounded in investigations, communication skills, report writing, always working hard and willing to give that extra effort. Officer David King was selected as our Officer of the Year for 2017. He exemplifies every quality one might expect of an officer. Officer King has shown over the last year that he is willing to step up and help out where he is needed. Some of his nominating co-workers commented, "He consistently goes above and beyond to better the department, his co-workers and the community. His selfless and devoted attitude to every aspect of life and the job makes him stand out as a leader, co-worker and police officer." Also, "Always a positive influence around the office." Please join us in congratulating Officer David King as the Dallas Police Department's 2017 Officer of the Year!



Animal Control Officer, Carleen Danka, received Program of the Year Award for constantly working to improve the Animal Control program. When she can, she gets involved in community outreach programs and strives to better her community. Carleen has done this by presenting to our community's youth, being involved in Summerfest and Bounty Market, coordinates a successful feline "snip and release" program, and hosts a microchip and vet clinic to help our citizens provide a better level of care for their pets. She sets an outstanding example of working towards her program's success. Help congratulate Carleen as the 2017 recipient of the Program of the Year Award!

CSS Danka - Program of the Year Award 2017
Sgt. Fleming - Community Involvement of the Year Award 2017

This award represents an individual who is involved and engaged in community policing efforts, participates in community groups outside of work or is engaged in the community in other ways. There was a specific instance that stood out to Mike's co-workers that related to receiving this award. Mike saw a mother and child who were living out of their car and did not have enough winter clothing or toys for Christmas. Mike saw the need and used his own money to brighten this family's situation. This is just one example where Mike exemplified the Community Involvement Award. Join us in congratulating Mike as the 2017 recipient of the Community Involvement Award!


The Outstanding Investigation Award nomination should go to the person who did an outstanding job with a specific, in-depth investigation. This might be someone who went above and beyond to ensure that the case was investigated to the fullest extent, made excellent decisions in how/what evidence to collect, did a good job interviewing, or other such investigative skills. 

The Outstanding Investigation Award for 2017 goes to Detective Darren Buchholz. Detective Buchholz was th
e lead investigator assigned in at least two high-profile investigations, both of which resulted in successful resolution of the cases. Some of his nominating co-workers commented, "Darren pushes himself to excel. He is a continual student of police work and case law. He is a good example of someone who manages his case load, investigates a case thoroughly and has a clear picture of where he wants to go in an interview.” Congratulations to Detective Buchholz as our 2017 recipient of the Outstanding Investigation Award!


Sergeant Josh Calef and Officer Kyle Buchholz were working the night shift when they heard Polk County Sheriff's Office in a high speed pursuit with a vehicle that was heading toward Dallas. Josh and Kyle were able to set spike strips across the roadway to deflate the tires on the vehicle as it entered town at approximately 110 miles per hour. The vehicle hit both sets of spike strips which was key in successfully slowing and stopping the vehicle. The driver was taken into custody shortly thereafter. Stop Stick, the manufacturer of the spike strips we use, awards pins to those officers who successfully use their product to stop fleeing vehicles. Please congratulate Sergeant Calef and Officer Buchholz for receiving their pin from Stop Stick and most important, for helping end a dangerous pursuit!