Citizens Streets Advisory Committee

In October of 2017 the Public Works Committee voted to form a Citizens Streets Advisory Committee. It is the request of the Public Works Committee that the Citizens Streets Advisory Committee establish to review and recommend to the Public Works Subcommittee and City Council a funding strategy and create a City street repair priority. 

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The City of Dallas has received approximately $300,000 annually for street maintenance and repair. Selection of streets to repair has allowed for limited maintenance and repair due to overall street condition and less than adequate capital funding to address all City street needs.

ODOT has provided notice that an additional $350,000 will be provided to the City of Dallas annually for the maintenance and repair of City streets. Based on projected street maintenance and capital repair costs, augmented financing opportunities using some or all of existing ODOT  funding which may include revenue bonds or general obligation bonds will need to be determined in order to comprehensively maintain City streets on a long term basis.

9 member committee recommended by the Mayor and approved by the City Council.
• Each member of the committee must be a legal resident of the City of Dallas.
City staff will be assigned to support the committee as assigned by the city manager.

The Committee will work with the City staff to determine the most effective and efficient way to use the new State gas tax revenue for residential street improvements. Once the Committee has determined which residential street capital projects will be completed, based on available funding, the committee will vote to add the projects to the next fiscal year budget.  The Committee must pass the proposed motion by a majority of the total committee.  City staff will include the approved residential street capital projects in the proposed fiscal year budget.

• Steve Cooley
• Brad Dull
• Bob Evans
• Matthew Goolsby
• Andy Hendersen
• Karia Hevener
• Greg Reimer
• Susan Ritenour
• Jim Robertson

For questions regarding the process, committee members, or streets
Frank Anderson, Public Works Director