Local Wetland Inventory

What is a Local Wetland Inventory?

A Local Wetland Inventory (LWI) is a systematic survey of the city to locate, map and describe wetlands. The inventory is prepared using information sources such as aerial photos and soils maps and by conducting field observations, with an accuracy of approximately 16 feet. Where needed and where property access is permitted, a wetland scientist collects data on the vegetation and soils to verify the presence of a wetland. The primary purposes of the inventory is to provide information for long-range planning by the city and to alert landowners to the probable wetlands on their property

Learn More: Wetland Inventory Fact Sheet   -   Frequently Asked Questions 

Where we are in the Process

In February 2019, the city contacted the owners of property suspected to contain wetlands, and requested that our wetlands consultant be allowed access to their property to verify the presence of wetlands. Thereafter, our wetland consultant visited properties. Based on examination of soil conditions and other data sources, the consultant has created a draft wetlands map and report.

We are currently seeking public feedback on the draft documents, until May 22, 2020. You may review these materials below, and may provide feedback in the online comment box below.

Draft Wetland Inventory Documents

Wetlands REPORT - Draft

Wetlands MAP - Draft
Download the Draft Map  as a PDF file. 14MB (it may take some time to download). (Requires Acrobat Reader)

You can zoom the interactive map by clicking the + / - buttons on the map.
Click on individual wetlands to see more information about that wetland.

Provide Feedback

You may provide questions, comments, and concerns in the below box, or by writing to us at the address below. If referencing a specific property or wetland, please be sure to include the address or wetland number. Please note that all public comments provided will be included with the final report.

Comment by mail by writing to: City of Dallas, Planning and Building Department, 187 SE Court Street, Dallas, OR 97338

Request a Site Visit

If you did not previously allow the wetlands specialist to access your property, and would now like them to visit your property to verify the presence and extent of any wetlands, please CLICK HERE to request a site visit.

Next Steps

Once the comment period closes on May 22, the map and report will be updated to reflect the public input, as well as the results of any new site visits. Once the inventory documents are finalized, a public hearing will be scheduled before the Dallas City Council. The date of this hearing is not known at this time, however a notice of public hearing will be mailed to affected property owners at least 20 days prior to the hearing.

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