30 Days 30 Ways Preparedness Challenge

September is National Preparedness Month. Challenge yourself and build your kit to stay prepared with the 30 Days 30 Ways Preparedness Challenge

You are more prepared than you think. The Dallas Police Department is challenging everyone to get more prepared by doing one simple task a day. 

Store your kit supplies in backpacks, gallon tanks, or large tupperware containers. It doesn’t matter what you use to build your kit with, as long as you have everything clearly labeled, organized and easily accessible. Additionally, at the end of the challenge you will realize there are items missing from your kit, that’s okay. Keep in mind that your kit will be different from your neighbor’s kit; your kit should meet YOUR NEEDS. This challenge gives you the starting tools that can help you be better prepared. Once you’ve completed your kit, create reminders in your phone and look for expired items to replace. 

The most important thing about this challenge, and about preparedness in general, is that you start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can!