Petco Love Lost

The Dallas Police Department's Animal Control is collaborating with Petco Love Lost (formely known as Finding Rover). Petco Love Lost is a FREE service that uses Pet Facial Recognition to help reunite lost dogs and cats with their families. 

You might be asking yourself, 'why should I use this service?' Here are some reasons why:

It's easy. Anyone with a smart phone or computer can upload a lost or found dog or cat instantly. 

-It's FREE
-It's not just for dogs. Dogs aren't the only pets that get out. Petco Love Lost is optimized to work for our feline friends as well. 

-Our goal is to keep pets safe and reunite them with owner as quickly as possible. Having Petco Love Lost as a resource does just that. 

We highly encourage everyone to register with a personal Petco Love Lost account by going to today! It just takes a minute to help your pet come home faster! 

  1. Upload a face-forward photo of your pet. 

  2. Enter a few main details about your pet. 

  3. Enter your name, email address and zip code. 

The Petco Love Lost app should be available July 2021. You can also visit the Petco Love Lost Facebook page at

See your local Dallas Police Department on KATU demonstrating use of the Finding Rover app here live demonstration here!