Fallen Tree Limbs/Debris

*Update 3/5/2021*

The Public Works street crew should complete their pass through town to pick up storm debris by next week. We will make one – and only one – more pass through town once that is completed. In order to ensure we pick up your woody debris, you MUST have any branches placed in the street by NO LATER THAN MARCH 14, 2021. If you do not place your debris in the street before our crews come by, you will be responsible to remove the debris from the street. 

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The recent ice storm caused many trees and limbs to fall. According to Dallas City Code Section 3.800, property owners are responsible for maintenance of street trees and trees on private property that overhang onto public property. This includes trees located between the street curb and private property (e.g. landscaped areas adjacent to sidewalks). Please place tree limbs and other woody debris in your yard debris bin. 

Property owners are strongly encouraged to haul cut tree limbs to one of the four drop-off sites listed below. These locations are for woody debris only - no other items will be accepted.

  • Dallas City Park at west end of Allgood Street
  • Dallas City Park parking lot adjacent to the arboretum
  • 800 block of Hankel Street at the terminus
  • Parking lot on SE Walnut Avenue in Roger Jordan Community Park (JBO Baseball Field)

If you have any already-chipped woody debris and would like to dispose of the wood chips, you can bring those to the parking lot on the old side of the Dallas City Park at the end of SW Academy Street.

Map of Tree Debris Drop Off Sites

Property owners who are unable to haul  their tree limbs and debris to one of our four drop off sites should place tree limbs on the street abutting the curb, but outside the vehicle travel lanes and off the sidewalk. Please also try to avoid blocking storm drains. City crews will pass through town one time only, beginning Thursday, February 18 to remove tree limbs from city streets.

If there are any questions please contact the Public Works Department, megan.beyer@dallasor.gov or 503-831-3559.